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Holborn Sub-Aqua Club has been introducing people to SCUBA diving for over 50 years. Our prime Central London location makes us the ideal choice for those who live or work nearby.

Image by Pascal van de Vendel

Ready to qualify?

If you are over 17, capable of swimming 200m of the pool and don’t have a medical condition which would endanger you if you dived, you can do it!

Next steps?

We run a range of courses throughout the year. Including the next levels of BSAC Diver Grades, Skills Development Courses (SDCs) and club courses – designed to broaden your knowledge.

Image by Laya Clode
Image by Pascal van de Vendel

BSAC training progression

If you're new to diving or new to BSAC, please refer to the BSAC diver training progression chart for information about qualification levels.


Want to know more?

Contact us

If you have any questions about membership, try-dives, the courses that we offer or you need to speak with someone, feel free to contact us.

Visit us

You're welcome to visit us at the Oasis Sports Centre from 19:00, or at the Bloomsbury Tavern from 21:00 every Wednesday if you'd like to talk to someone about the club.

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