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Come and discover SCUBA diving with us. Try-dives for just £35.00, refresher dives for just £95.00.

About us

​Holborn Sub-Aqua Club has been diving and teaching SCUBA courses for over 60 years. Based at the Oasis Sport Centre in Central London, Holborn welcomes divers of every qualification, from every agency.


Whether you want to try SCUBA for the first time, become qualified, develop your skills or just go diving, Holborn has something for you.

Holborn BSAC - for the adventure

Why dive with us?

There are many reasons to qualify with Holborn BSAC and join our club

Club boat

We regularly dive in the UK from our own RIB with fully qualified Diver Coxswains

Qualified instructors

Our nationally qualified instructors award internationally recognised qualifications

Great atmosphere

We are a friendly and sociable club welcoming divers from any agency, with any qualification


Dive calendar

At Holborn, we aim to offer something for everyone. Our dive calendar includes a variety of diving, from wreck and reef dives to specialist training courses and dive-related events all year round.

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